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When Should I Replace My Vinyl Siding? 6 Signs it Might Be Time

The siding on your home is something you see all the time, but probably rarely think about. Giving occasional thought to your siding, however, is a good idea. Just like the rest of your home, eventually it will wear out; discovering signs of wear and taking action before it starts leaking can help you avoid further damage. Watch for these signs that it’s time to replace vinyl siding in Calgary.

  1. High Utility Bills – If you notice that heating and cooling bills are getting out of hand, it might be time to replace the siding. Siding companies in Calgary can perform an inspection to determine if warm and cold air could be escaping through the siding.
  2. Warping Vinyl Siding – Check vinyl siding in Calgary for signs of wear like warping, cracking, and fading. These all indicate siding is past its prime.
  3. Loose Calgary Vinyl Siding – One or two loose siding pieces is usually not a cause for concern, although they should be properly replaced right away. However, if a large number of boards are loose, it’s time for a visit from siding companies in Calgary.
  4. Loose Wallpaper or Peeling Paint – The interior of your home can also give you clues about the siding. Peeling interior paint or loose wallpaper can result from moisture seeping under bad siding.
  5. Bubbles in Calgary Siding – Bubbles under the surface of vinyl siding in Calgary almost always indicates the presence of water; this is an immediate red flag.
  6. Holes in Siding by Calgary Siding Companies – Even little holes in siding can lead to big problems, so check for damage periodically and take action promptly. Holes allow water to work its way into and under the siding.

Make a point of checking your siding on a regular basis. If you notice any of these signs, contact siding companies in Calgary for replacements.

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