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How To Tell What Roofing Services You Really Need

Arguably one of the most important aspects of the home, the roof protects the inside of the home from the elements of mother nature. No one wants to have to pay to replace a roof, but this aspect of the home serves more than aesthetic appeal. It protects you from further damage. For the amount of money spent, you can make sure the job has been done correctly. Here are ways to tell the types of roofing services truly needed.

Should You Strip Away the Old?

You can have two separate layers of asphalt shingles on the roof. That means if you already have one on top, you don’t have to have the bottom layer stripped away, and you can have the other layer installed on top of it. This can save you as much as $1,000 in roofing costs with Calgary roofing companies.

Do You Need Top Shelf Shingles?

Sometimes a roof repair Calgary company will recommend buying top-quality shingles, but can you get away with lower quality? In retrospect, you probably could, but do you want your shingles to last a long time with the longest warranty possible. The longest possible warranty might cost $300 to $500 more, but you can feel confident in the architectural integrity of your building.

The Whole Roof or a Specific Section?

Do you need Calgary roofing for the whole home or a specific section that has suffered damage and begun to leak? In some cases, you may only need roofing contractors to repair a certain amount of the roof, which could save you money.

If you have decided to have the roof stripped of its shingles, never pay until after you have seen the magnet. Those 10,000 nails removed with the shingles have probably landed in the mulch, grass and driveway, and the contractor should have a giant magnet on wheels that passes over the yard. Sometimes they don’t bring it with them, however. Make sure that before your roofing contractor comes asking for the last payment, you ask him to bring the magnet with him to take care of the possible injuries and flat tires in the yard.

Cleaning your eavestroughs is crucial to the safety of your home. If your home needs eavestrough repair, installation or maintenance, contact the professionals at Alpine Eavestrough. We’d love to hear from you.

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