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How to Install a Leaf Screen On Your Calgary Eavestroughs

Cleaning the eavestrough system is a real pain that requires multiple trips up and down a ladder and dealing with soggy handfuls of debris. Gutters don’t work properly unless they are clean, but you don’t need to deal with this unpleasant chore. Installing a leaf screen can save you time and hassle by keeping eavestroughs clear; here’s how to install one.

Choose a Leaf Screen for Your Calgary Eavestroughs

There are three basic types of leaf guards to choose from: plastic or mesh screens, gutter filters, and surface tension units. Surface tension units for Calgary eavestrough systems are typically the most expensive options, but also work the best.

Prepare Eavestroughs with a Cleaning

Before installation, you’ll need to perform a thorough eavestrough cleaning. You may want to hire a company to do this for you to make sure the gutters are clean and in good shape. During the preparation phase, you’ll also want to measure the length of the eavestroughs on your home so you can purchase the appropriate amount of leaf screen.

Install Leaf Screens with Eavestrough Services

Now it’s time for installation. Read the instructions carefully and make sure it’s something you can handle. Many leaf screens are best installed with the help of professional eavestrough services.

Stay Safe During Leaf Screen Installation

Installing guards on your Calgary eavestrough system will likely require the use of a ladder, so practice good ladder safety and have a partner help you. Never use a ladder without someone else keeping an eye on you and keeping your ladder steady.

Keep Your Eavestrough System in Good Condition

Now that you’ve made an effort to improve your eavestroughs, keep them in good condition with regular eavestrough services. A professional company can help you keep your system in shape.

A Calgary eavestrough performs the important task of helping protect your home from water damage; give your system the attention it deserves by installing a leaf screen.

Property owners need to call for the services of a professional eavestrough company. If your home needs eavestrough repair, installation or maintenance, contact the professionals at Alpine Eavestrough. We’d love to hear from you.

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